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Wiesbaden is a wonderful city for shopping and exploring! Indulge your feet after a day on the sidewalk.

  • Aroma foot bath 
  • Foot massage

40 Minutes

Price 44,00 Euro


Hectic activity, stress at work and everyday worries – you have a lot “to carry on your shoulders”. Start your free evening with us!

  • Classic Swedish back massage
  • Animatedly facial treatment (cleansing, mask, massage, final care)

60 Minutes

Price 72,00 Euro

Badhaus ManSpecial

Products, especially for the requirements of men’s skin, groom skin traumatized by daily shaving. Cleansing, peeling, moisturizing booster and final care provide new vitality. Relax during the energetic head-shoulder-neck massage.

90 Minutes

Price 96,00 Euro

Badhaus Relax

Don’t give everyday stress a chance. Algae, those highly effective marine plants, give you new energy, detoxify and revitalize tissue for healthy, attractive skin. Algae foot bath, algae back compress, relaxing partial body massage and intensive facial treatment..

120 Minutes

Price 136,00 Euro