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Wiesbaden and Health

Follow the example of the Romans and learn the pleasures of Wiesbaden’s hot springs in combination with precious marine minerals..

  • Welcome drink
  • Marine salt oil peeling (entire body)   
  • Saline bath   
  • Partial body aroma oil massage   
  • Including use of SPA Area (max. 3 hours)

ca. 90 Minutes

Price 94,00 Euro

Nordic Dream

Feel the cleansing power of the sea. Soft care causes inner calm and relaxation.

  • Welcome drink
  • Algae bath   
  • Green tea/algae compress (partial compress neck/shoulders)   
  • Full body Swedish massage   
  • Vitalizing embrocation   
  • Including use of SPA Area (max. 3 hours)

ca. 120 Minutes

Price 136,00 Euro

Southern Dream

Radiant as a summer morning: Flourish with our personal beauty program just for her.

  • Welcome drink
  • Rose salt peeling   
  • Rose bath   
  • Aroma massage (partial)   
  • Personal facial treatment   
  • Including use of SPA Area (max. 3 hours)

ca. 150 Minutes

Price 156,00 Euro

On Day at the Badhaus

Goethe and Dostojewski already appreciated the restful days at the Badhaus in the Schwarezr Bock Hotel Wiesbaden. In the present time this means a perfect symbiosis of traditional spa architecture and modern spa landscape.

  • Welcome drink
  • Purifying saline bath in the traditional sunken stone bathtub;
  • Stimulating foot massage   
  • Neck and shoulder massage for tension relief   
  • Vitalizing algae back compress   
  • Individual facial treatment   
  • Including use of SPA Area (max. 3 hours)

ca. 210 Minutes

Preis 195,00 Euro

Cool Down

Refreshing fragrances and cooling treatments give you a clear head and new energy.

  • Welcome drink
  • Badhaus stone massage (60 Min.)   
  • Facial treatment   
  • Including use of SPA Area (max. 3 hours)   
  • For your physical well-being: Health food and one soft drink in our Badhaus lounge (value of 20 €)

ca. 210 Minutes

Price 212,00 Euro