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Sanus per aquam – The power of water and its positive effect on human health and well-being have been praised for millenniums. In Wiesbaden this has been appreciated since Roman times. Experience this tradion in a new variety in our classic bath house facilities. For you personally..

Saline bath | Salt ist the spice of life and an effective elixir. Inhaled, it has an antibacterial and secretolytic effect. Externally it disinfects, detoxifies and purges the body. Immerse your body in a unique mixture of marine minerals and salt from Wiesbaden’s own hot springs.

ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 26,00 Euro

Aroma oil bath | Warmth, lightness and a fragrance to enhance dreams. Discover the aromatic treasures of nature. For you personally to vitalize, sooth and harmonize body, spirit and soul. Sensual – Touching – Distinct.

ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 28,00 Euro

Algae bath | A breath of “sea” in Wiesbaden. Feel the effect of marine flora on your body. Natural algae extracts detoxify, remineralize and preen your skin gently and benevolently.

ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 30,00 Euro

Hot Spring Water bath | A bath in the original hot spring water is a special experience. The sulfureous and ferreous water is very salty and healthy for the skin.

ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 33,00 Euro