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Massage has always been esteemed for maintenance of health in all cultures. Let our experienced staff pamper you and the vibrations of the singing bowl attend you into the Badhaus massages.



Swedish massage | This traditional and highly effective massage alternates rhythmically between soft stroking, invigorating rubbing and dynamic kneading to transmit ist relaxing effect deep into the muscle tissue. Toxins are dislodged, tension relaxed and aches alleviated.


ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 42,00 Euro

ca. 60 Minutes

Price: 64,00 Euro

Aromatic oil massage As light as a fragrance: Lose yourself in naturally pure, selected fragrances, caressed by the gentle vibration of this refreshing massage technique..

ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 45,00 Euro

ca. 60 Minutes

Price: 67,00 Euro

Foot massage | Our feet carry us for an entire life time. They are the base as well as the reflection of our body. Activation of pressure points is reflected throuhout the entire organism stimulating self-healing forces and releasing the flow of vital energy..

ca. 30 Minutes

Price: 39,00 Euro

Wellness massages

Exotic rituals, distant cultures: Discover the lore of foreign cultures for harmonization of body, spirit and soul.

Badhaus stone massage | Warm igneous stones will be placed along the engergy lines onto selected engergy spots. The warmth of the stones and the hands of the masseur will release the muscles and activate the body’s source of energy.

ca. 60 Minutes

Price: 90,00 Euro

ca. 90 Minutes

Price: 120,00 Euro

Herbal compress massage | This traditional East Asian herb compress massage stimulates cell revitalization and regenereation. Precious herbs and nurturing oils combined with intensive warmth are balsam for your skin.

ca. 60 Minutes

Price 86,00 Euro

ca. 90 Minutes

Price 109,00 Euro



Silk glove massage | Effective stroking with silk gloves revitalizes you from head to foot, purifies your skin and stimulates your metabolism.

ca. 60 Minutes

Price: 74,00 Euro